a handsome, young black man with a small afro smiling in a burgundy suit and black dress shirta handsome, young black man with a small afro smiling in a burgundy suit and black dress shirt

Hello! I'm Ondre,

UI + UX Designer
& Brand Builder

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At a Glance

Smaller projects that still deserve some shine

Throw Dat Dirt

ATV Park / Trail

2022 Q3

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UX Design / Copywriting / Consulting

I testing and improved the lead conversion process within GoDaddy’s website builder and the 3rd party booking platform.

Then, I revised and developed copy that accurately reflected our USP & goals. To attract attention, I chose the best keywords for the digital profiles created on Google, Yelp, etc.

Finally, I created an e-commerce shop on Facebook to sell branded merchandise.

to Q4/23

350,000+ impressions
14,650 website leads
1,390 calls

a GIF of a boat sliding in to complete the logo for "Aqua Tours of Nashville"

Aqua Tours of Nashville

Tourism & Recreation

2022 Q1

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Brand Identity / UI Design

I created a brand identity for a company offering boat tours of Nashville's Percy Priest Lake and its surrounding beaches and campgrounds.

Subsequently, I designed a user interface for the website, featuring my copywriting about the brand story, tour information, and location details.

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About Me

The man behind the screen



As a creative and technical person, I’ve always felt pulled in two different directions. New Orleans vs. Baton Rouge, basketball vs. school, studio vs. office, creation vs. refinement, the list goes on and on...


The more I've learned about UI design, UX Design, and web development as a whole, I’ve come to realize that I can marry those two "dueling" parts of myself. Every project reveals new creative and technical intricacies.



They say Louisiana men can cook, and I’ve grown into that saying recently.


I’ve taught myself everything I know about music production, engineering, and guitar.

Psychology & Philosophy

I’ve taken a deep interest into human psychology and philosophy, the former proving quite useful in digital design.

a young, handsome, black man in a black suit sitting atop a ledge in front of a building
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a flatbread topped with salmon, green onions, yellow sauce, and other miscellaneous items
sliced steak topped with chimichurri, with broccoli and sweet potatoes behind it
beef short rib topped with a tomato-based, etoufée-like sauce, served over risotto
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quesadillas on a white plate, topped with red onions, cilantro, and served with a dollop of guacamole
a white plate containing scrambled eggs with spinach, slices of bacon, and a piece of toast with a guacamole spread
a scoop of mashed potatoes in a bowl, topped with beef chunks, carrots, and stew broth
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