Ondre is a new and upcoming songwriter, music artist, and music producer from Portsmouth, VA.  His unique style is captivating when "New School" creates "Old School."


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It all started...

In Portsmouth, VA, where Ondre' was born.  As a young boy, he has always had a knack for music, mimicking every sound he came into contact with.  Ondre' was raised with a heavy musical influence in gospel, rock, hip-hop, r & b, and a little big band.  These genres became the influence that shaped his current style of music.

Ondre' could be found singing in his local place of worship and performing in plays while in elementary school.  In 1991, one of his most memorable elementary school performances came as the lead role of Scrooge in a christmas play. Ondre' also began writing and composing music at this time.  While in middle school, Ondre' sang with the school chorus, performed in local talent shows and began to further enhance his musical talents.  While in high school, Ondre' continued to be a dominant musical figure performing, producing, and writing music for high school events and pep rallies.

After High School, Ondre' signed as an artist, producer, and songwriter with the "High Roller" record label.  Around 2004, Ondre' signed another artist, producer, and songwriter contract with the "Dirtyloopz" record label.  While signed to both record labels, Ondre' performed at several venues and produced and wrote music for non-profit organizations.

Currently, Ondre' is still performing, producing, and writing timeless music, providing his contribution to the music industry.